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“all involved have been impressed with your professional work and with the many, many errors that did not escape you.”

Extempore builds simple, affordable business websites that work. We also provide editorial and writing services for web content, white papers, user manuals, short and long fiction and non-fiction.  We can provide structural reports, and edit your text so that it meets your business (or personal) needs and speaks directly and effectively to the people you want to reach.

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A couple of recent clients have really put me through my paces. It was almost like they were saying ‘Well, you say you can write anything – here’s something uber-technical. Have fun! You have one week to deliver.’

Talk about sweat!

But luckily I can offer a combination of research skills from postgraduate study, a never-say-die approach to writing and the confidence of maturity.

The result? ‘Great stuff, minor tweaks only.’ 

I also do blog posts on subjects as diverse as music, cafes, craft, writing, logistics, accounting and web optimisation.  And ‘minor tweaks only’ is a pretty consistent response, second only to ‘perfect, thanks!’

Build traffic to your website and –  more importantly – build your profile in your space. Regular, relevant, well-written content via blog posts, case studies and articles. I’ll set you up with a content plan and a delivery schedule that suits your budget. Big jobs or small. One article, full stop. Or one per week. Whatever you need.

Contact Miriam to chat about your content needs

Email miriam@extempore.com.au now to find out more or call 1300 783 446


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Website looking ‘a little bit 1990s’? Too many instances of ‘click here’? Or maybe even (shudder) the curse of the animated gif?

Or maybe you’re more up-to-date than that (sorry if I sounded patronising) and worried about whether your site is optimised for search, accessible, user friendly and employing the right ‘voice’ for your target audience.

Web content refresh for a single page or a whole site is a specialty. And you’d be surprised at how painless and inexpensive a refresh can be.

With twenty years (OMG, that makes me sound so old) of actual working experience with real companies of all sizes, the text you agonise over is my quick fix.

Save yourself the angst and stress of writing your own content or re-writing someone else’s – miriam@extempore.com.au


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We build simple, inexpensive, fit-for-purpose, easy to update, no-pain WordPress websites. And then we train you. And provide a month of free support from a friendly, local expert (plus easy support options if you want ongoing help)

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