WordPress makes websites easy – for anyone.

The great thing about WordPress?
It’s easy to sign up, get yourself a free business website. When people say ‘it takes minutes’, they’re not leading you up the garden path. That’s really all it takes.

And then the minutes start to add up because of all the stuff that actually makes a website work.

A professional look. SEO. Social media integration. Terms and conditions. Forms. Downloads. Accessibility. Calls to action. How to get them all working together…

Is your business website working for your business?

WordPress is easy, but WordPress just the platform. And even though it’s a great platform there’s more to a website than what it sits on. If your business website isn’t helping you meet your business goals, then your website needs a re-think!

While you’re worrying about all this website stuff, who’s looking after your business?

When you buy an extempore website you get:

  • A website that simply works
  • Time with an expert (local, friendly) who can help you understand what you need and how to achieve it
  • A launch date – usually three to five weeks from your first call
  • Great training and documentation
  • Free support for a month after you go live
  • Convenient, affordable support options (if you need them) for as long as you need them.
  • Call Miriam now if you’re ready to get started 1300 783 446

A business website package – packed with features

Tell me again. What do I get?

Well, all of the above. For starters. Which translates to:

  • Access to your own account manager who will guide you through the whole process
  • Installation & configuration of WordPress – once you’ve purchased your hosting, you’ll need to install WordPress. We’ll do that for you and make sure your settings are correct.
  • Customisation – premium template, branding, colours, plugins, information architecture (navigation)
  • Content – we’ll optimise your text, pictures and other media
  • Training and support with step by step procedures for how to manage and maintain your website.

And if you need them (not all businesses do)

  • Assistance and advice for domain name registration and purchase of hosting. We recommend GoDaddy
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    [wc_accordion_section title=”Read our disclaimer“]Sometimes we recommend products or services. Our disclaimer page gives details of fees we receive and the relationships we have with companies who provide the products and services we recommend.[/wc_accordion_section][/wc_accordion]
  • Minor customisations of your WordPress theme
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    [wc_accordion_section title=”What does ‘minor customisations’ mean?“]Included in the price of the simple website package are custom colours, widgets, fonts and navitation. You’d need to pay a little bit extra for us to make significant variations to layout and other key elements of the theme.[/wc_accordion_section][/wc_accordion]
  • Assistance and advice with the selection of a WordPress theme and plugins
  • Creation of email addresses – you’ll need at least one address, so people can contact you. If you need an address that includes your domain name, we’ll help you set it up.
  • Setup of backups so if something goes wrong, you can restore your content back to a recent copy.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch (info@extempore.com.au) or call 1300 783 446

Additional costs you may incur

  • GoDaddy - The World's #1 Domain RegistrarDomain name registration or transfer.
  • Web hosting – again, we recommend GoDaddy for domain names and hosting for their great prices and customer service.
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    [wc_accordion_section title=”Why aren’t domain name registration and web hosting included in the cost?“]Sometimes customers come to us with hosting already in place, or a request to replace / refresh an existing website. Sometimes they come to us with a clear preference for a particular hosting company.Your domain name (like a street address) and your hosting (like a block of land) are not the same as a website (which is like the house you build on a block of land).We provide you with a simple, effective website (‘house’). Of course we can also help you choose a domain name (‘street address’) and a hosting company (‘block of land’). That advice comes as part of our package. But it’s up to you to purchase them. That way, when you want to build a new ‘house’ in a few years, you have complete control of the hosting and domain name. We recommend GoDaddy because they have great prices, and support (much much better than their competition) plus also very good uptime. There is pretty much nothing worse than your website going down because you’ve signed up with a second rate hosting provider![/wc_accordion_section][wc_accordion_section title=”Read our disclaimer“]Sometimes we recommend products or services. Our disclaimer page gives details of fees we receive and the relationships we have with companies who provide the products and services we recommend.[/wc_accordion_section][/wc_accordion]
  • Special customisations. We prefer to build websites with no customisation required but sometimes we need to implement something special – and sometimes that needs to be outsourced. We won’t ever outsource or bill you without checking with you first, of course. It’s just that we can – if we have to.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch (info@extempore.com.au) or or phone Miriam 1300 783 446

Other services

There are some additional services you might like to investigate when building your website.

  • Mailchimp setup – we also design and customise mailchimp templates.
  • Copywriting – something we do for clients of all types.
  • Content uploads – if you have heaps of content to upload or migrate from another site, we can help with that.
  • Image optimisation – if you have images that need resizing and you don’t have access to the software to do that, we can do that for you to. Optimisation of up to 20 images will be included in your package and any additional ones can be done for a small fee.
  • Sourcing images – we have accounts with a number of stock photo sites and access to world-class photographers. If you need images we may be able to help. Ask us!

Ready to get started?

Get in touch (info@extempore.com.au) or or phone Miriam 1300 783 446

We use WordPress to build websites. It’s an easy to use platform – with a huge range of plugins (kind of like apps for the web) and themes (WordPress Themes are the ‘skins’ or ‘templates’ that give your site a particular look and feel).

Your website price will include a premium theme – we’ll help with recommendations on the right theme for your business.

And we’ll also install plugins to give your the website the functionality it needs.

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We’ll work with you to complete a matrix of relevant keywords for your business and show you how to include them in your website to increase your chances of coming up in the first page of internet search results.


[wc_accordion_section title=”Maintenance Mode”]

While your site is under construction we’ll activate a handy splash page so nobody but us can see the mess.


[wc_accordion_section title=”Expert advice”]

For navigation, content and design. We know how to help you choose content and present your business on the web – for maximum results. Whether you want your website to be a static ‘brochure’ site or a dynamic portal that showcases what you do best, we’ve got ways to make it the best it can be – on a very low budget.


[wc_accordion_section title=”Great support”]

We provide personalised support via phone and email – with a smile. We’ll help you step-by-step for everything you’ll need to do on your website to keep it updated. Your website package includes a month of free support after you go live and if you need help beyond that, we can answer one-off questions with one of our famous ‘twenty minute fixes’ or provide support pack options for ongoing peace of mind.



Whether you’ve got your domain name and hosting already, or you’re still figuring out what a domain name even is – we’ll get you sorted. We can help you arrange new domain name and hosting, or build a website using your existing arrangements.

*the cost of domain name registration and hosting are not included in your website pricing, but we’ll recommend providers and options that will keep your costs down and give you good ‘up time’ and support.

Use your website to build your list of followers and stay connected with your customers on your choice of social media… on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube …

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