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Most of what you need to do on your website can be done by you, or at minimal cost by someone who knows what they’re doing. 

Our services are flexible. We can work within your budget and help you understand and achieve your goals.

Content health check

Could your content be holding your website back? Broken links, out-of-date information, inaccessible content or content not optimised for search. A simple content health check and action plan could get you back on track with a few easy fixes.

Blogs and updates

Plan, write, approve and publish. If you have a goal and you know your subject matter, our writers can whip your content into shape for great engagement.

Social media

Images and messages are only half the story. Our team can help you plan, collect and curate your social media to help you reach your goals. Build a tribe, with us in your corner

Customer Feedback

Here’s what our happy clients say…

Miriam has a voice that speaks our brand and at the right volume. She understands our challenges, presents us with solutions and is honest in her approach. Miriam is timely with her delivery and resolute in ensuring she never under delivers. If you want it done properly and on time, Miriam is the magician. (Tanya)

Miriam is a pleasure to work with, her expertise and understanding produced an excellent outcome and I would highly recommend her. (Geoff)

We engaged Miriam to provide content governance and project advice for our web project. Miriam was invaluable and a key member of the project team. Miriam’s support and warmth was really reassuring to me as the project lead as was her gentle encouragement and reminders if timelines were looking like they might slip. (David)

Miriam is a fantastic all-rounder with the ability to start any project and add value. It is rare to find someone who is skilled at running training sessions, writing style guides, building complex educational tools and writing for the web but Miriam did all this during her time at Business Victoria Online. (Emma)

Australian jazz & improvised music

At extempore [say it like this: ex-tem-poray], we love Australian jazz. In fact the improvised nature of jazz is the the main reason behind our name. From 2008 to 2012 we published extempore journal and 4 other books.

Contact us if you’d like to talk about extempore publications, including purchasing a back issue.