The content you made such an effort with last year – or maybe even the year before – needs an update.

Keep it fresh

A static website is unlikely to be doing all the work you need it to do. So maybe it’s time to get things moving.

Some pages on your website are more important than others. We can focus on those first.

About page

Did you know the About page is probably the most important page on your website. Here’s what people do:

Step 1. They find your website

Step 2. They read the About page.

Your About page is how people form a picture of you. If your website is like your shop or office, the About page tells us about who is behind the counter.

Talk to us about how you can make your About page work harder.

Product and services pages

This is what you do, what you sell, how you make your income.  Are your products and services being described accurately AND irresistibly? When a visitor comes to your website are they seeing content that makes sense to them, aligns with their expectations and tells them exactly what your business does?

The information about your products and services is your content’s engine room. Engines need tune-ups, and so does content.

Contact us page

Have you checked your contact page recently? How easy have you made it for people to get in touch with you? A contact page is not just about contact. It’s also about building trust. Personally, I get a bit nervous when I see a contact page that’s just a form. I get why that happens sometimes… people don’t want their email address bombarded by spam, so they leave it off the page. And they don’t want random phone calls from unwelcome non-customers, so they don’t provide a phone number. And all their business is done online so they don’t bother with a street address, or a map.

The problem is sometimes that can make the real customers feel like you don’t want to talk to them either!  Sometimes you just have to open up a little bit, and manage some irritation, to keep things welcoming for the people you really want to hear from.

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