May 2010: John Shand on Roger Frampton, John Clare on liking what you like. Jorge Sotirios on jazz and existentialism. Interviews with Steve Elphick, Andrea Keller and Jess Green. A conversation between Will Guthrie and Ren Walters. PS Cottier moves from poetry to prose, with her short story about Noddy, a jazz punter in limbo. We have National Jazz Writing Competition prize-winning essays by Peter Mitchell and Paul Pax Andrews.  And more, of course. It’s your usual 192 pages of interviews, essays, fiction, poetry, photos and a CD of original music thanks to Rufus Records.

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In Conversation
Andrea Keller with Adrian Jackson | Steve Elphick with Belinda Webster | Jess Green with Peter Wockner | Will Guthrie and Ren Walters | Cameron Undy of 505 with Miriam Zolin

John Shand Into the Clouds: Roger Frampton in Retrospect | Jorge Sotirios Philosophical riffs: jazz ‘n’ existentialism | Andrew W Hurley On the Sunny Side of the Street: ‘Ghetto Swinger’ in Australia | Peter Mitchell The Certainty of Risk | Paul Pax Andrews The Scene… Sydney, way back then

Merv Collins A Fine Romance… | John Clare Oo Koo K-Choo

PS Cottier Noddy

Chris Cody Jazz Chords | Chris Cody For Oliver Johnson | PS Cottier Palm cockatoos | Arjun von Caemmerer Piano Player Study No 52 | Wayne Tompkins Bermuda Onion Night | Allan Browne Wild Bill | Allan Browne Conjuror

Natasha Blankfield: Phil Slater’s Sculthorpe Songbook Project | John Ryrie: Linocuts

Book Review
John Shand reviews The Jazz Composer: Moving music off the paper by Graham Collier

Bonus CD from Rufus Records
‘Rufus Redux’: An Ode to Survival by John McBeath | Q&A with Tim Dunn of Rufus Records
Track Listing