With contributions by Bill Leak, Mandy Sayer, Andrew Lindsay, Ken Bolton, П O and more, extempore Issue 2 will surprise and delight.

We also interview Mike Nock, Judy Bailey, Scott Tinkler and Art Pepper and have included photos by Jane March, Gerard Anderson and Mark Peterson; illustrations by Leith O’Malley; fiction by Elisabeth Rose; poetry by Goeff Page, Rai Thistlethwayte, Pam Brown, PS Cottier; essays by Sascha Feinstein, Andrew Hurley and Melissa Bellanta and pieces by John Clare and Keith Hounslow. Plus a bonus CD of great Australian jazz from the Birdland label. A feast for the eyes and ears.

“…intelligent, collaborative and inclusive…”



Scott Tinkler with Adrian Jackson | Judy Bailey with Belinda Webster|Mike Nock with Miriam Zolin

John Clare Words, Music, Madness | Peter Rechniewski Discovering El Rocco | Andrew Lindsay Music Slut From Hell | Keith Hounslow On Contemporary Improvised Music | Paul Pax Andrews Joe Lane Stories | Adrian Jackson Blame Maynard

Andrew W Hurley “Tell you vot, baby: ze band voss svingkink und groovink” Horst Liepolt and the Australian jazz boom of the 1970s | Sascha Feinstein William Matthews and Chares Mingus: Poems of Desire and Need | Melissa Bellanta White Australia and Sonny Clay’s Colored Idea: The Story of an Ill-Fated Tour

Mandy Sayer from her novel Love in the Years of Lunacy | Elisabeth Rose Come Fly With Me

Jane March | Gerard Anderson | Leith O’Malley

PS Cottier A sound bigger than Belgium | Jennifer Eadie Mary | John Bennett Politics and All That Jazz | Pam Brown From a Daihatsu | Geoff Page The Documentation | Ashley Capes bulb, take five | Andre McDonald Charles Mingus knew my momma | Π O 1928 Jazz in Melbourne | Ken Bolton Boundless (Sascha) | Rai Thistlethwayte ID Takeover

David N Pepperell talks to Art Pepper (1981) | Jim McLeod talks to Mike Nock (1992)

Film: Bill Leak reviews Intangible Asset Number 82 | Music: John Clare remembers Keith Shadwick

Courtesy of Birdland Records | Birdland: where Oz Jazz takes wing by John Shand | Q&A with Birdland’s Kieran Stafford.
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