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A nice little story on page 9 of the Wangaratta Chronicle on Wednesday 27 October

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Photography has a very different jazz perspective

THE work of Wangaratta Chronicle photographer Marc Bongers will be featured in the latest issue of an Australian journal inspired by jazz, due to be launched at Wangaratta this Friday.

The folio of photographs by Mr Bongers chosen for issue five of extempore shows the Charles Tolliver Quartet in rehearsal and sound check.

Journal editor Miriam Zolin was particularly taken by this folio because it showed the work that goes on behind the music.

“None of these musicians had played in this combination before. They had a matter of hours to make it work,” she said.

“I think Marc has captured a real sense of communication with these shots.”

The folio includes seven shots from this rehearsal, including Charles Tolliver (trumpet), Mike Nock (piano), Linda Oh (bass) and Tommy Crane (drums).

Issue five of extempore is being launched at the Wangaratta Library from 5pm to 7pm this Friday and is open to the public.

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