We are proof that the arts and business can go together!

We have been working with web content and publishing stories about Australian jazz and improvised music since 2007.

With no apologies, we acknowledge no-one is really just one thing.

Extempore was born as a small independent publisher in 2007. That fed our souls but did not pay the bills, so with the same business name, we also continued to work with government and business to write, edit and optimise web content, working on small and large projects.

In the years since, both activities have continued, and we live in the tension and delight of working in the arts an in business.

Table 19 Podcast

A sometimes weekly podcast that showcases Australian jazz & improvised music and the people who make it. Listen now

Web content

Our small business clients value our ability to be nimble and pragmatic. Our big business and government clients value our rigour and consultative style.

About Miriam

A versatile, mature and capable content specialist, Miriam has been providing content strategy and content management services to government, business and not for profits since 1994.